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What is sparkChief Career Strategy Assessment?

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The sparkChief career strategy assessment is designed to help employees validate their career development strategy, consider new strategies to accelerate their career development, and advance as a person.

It consists of a diagnosis that summarises their personal assessments, based on the sparkChief model assessment that they complete. The assessment provides employees with insights into those areas that have the potential to undermine their progress as a person. At the same time, the assessment results offer perspectives on how they can develop or transition their careers more effectively and avoid potentially costly decisions and mistakes.

sparkChief’s diagnostic tool also initiates a discussion for the employee - in conjunction with a consultant – to determine at which stage the employee is poised in terms of personal and/or career growth. This knowledge and awareness help employees to reengage with their career development plans, as well as with their personal lives, and create more-rounded and fulfilled individuals.

Through feedback and coaching sessions, employees also gain a more insightful view of their career growth potential.

Benefits for employees:

  • Helps your employees by facilitating a unique process to support their career transition.

  • Helps your employees to understand their potential development risks – as a result of not taking the appropriate steps forward – and a means to broaden their thinking so they can consider new strategies to accelerate their personal and career growth.
  • Helps your employees to initiate a process that allows them to increase their understanding of their overall effectiveness (or ineffectiveness), to reflect on potential personal development opportunities, and to determine how they can take responsibility for accelerating their personal and career growth.

  • Helps your employees to be more self-aware and unlock their true potential.

  • Offers suggestions and ideas for ways your employees can develop themselves more effectively and also avoid potentially costly decisions and mistakes.

Benefits for employers:

  • Provide a career transition solution to your employees that lasts.
  • Learn about potential career development, employee engagement and retention risks.

  • Determine and deploy the right career development programme elements to help employees further their career development, maximise employee engagement, and minimise employee morale issues.

  • Enable self-awareness and unlock potential talent across the organisation.

  • Empower the right leadership and encourage accountability at all levels.

  • Engage, develop and retain only the right people to grow your business.

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sparkChief flyer for your Employees:

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Learn more about how the Career Strategy Assessment works.

Visit the sparkChief Career Strategy Assessment service website.

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