How it works

How sparkChief Career Strategy Assessment works

Step 1
  • We assess employees against a range of key strategic career development criteria. The results provide a gap analysis that indicates the employee’s current position in comparison with the individual’s progress toward further development and growth.
  • We analyse assessment results and prepare a comprehensive report for employees.

Step 2
  • We deliver a 20-page comprehensive report to employees with their personal assessment, insights as to what the assessment means, and future implications for each of their strategic development indicators.
  • We deliver a diagnostic report that provides the employer with insights about potential career development, employee engagement, retention and motivation risks they face in their organisation.

Step 3
  • Based on assessment results, we initiate a process that allows employees to increase their understanding of their overall effectiveness (or ineffectiveness), to reflect on potential career development opportunities, and to determine how they can take responsibility for accelerating their career growth.
  • We discuss findings and provide recommendations that allow the employer to determine and deploy the right HR programs to help employees further their career development, maximise engagement and retention, and minimise employee morale issues.

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