• AI based rewards
  • Machine learning
  • global rewards



Management Resources Consultants (MRC)

We partnered with Management Resources Consultants (MRC), a Singapore based consulting firm, to combine our capabilities and expertise to introduce new solutions which support strategic HR management and global rewards decisions leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI).

To learn more about our new Strategic HR Membership Program backed by AI, real-time data and analytics click here.


Tonushree Mondal Consulting (TMC)

We partnered with Tonushree Mondal Consulting (TMC), a Philadelphia based consulting firm, to provide career navigation technology solutions built on latest cloud-based applications and new approaches.

sparkChief represents and distributes TMC’s cloud-based mobile and desktop application called Gryd™ in Europe. Gryd™ lets employees explore their career growth opportunities within the organisation and helps employers retain their best talent.

To learn more about our career navigation tool Gryd™ click here.