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  • 25 Essential Leadership Tips - To Help You and Your Organisation Succeed

25 Essential Leadership Tips - To Help You and Your Organisation Succeed (NEW)

People in leadership roles have a tremendous responsibility to speak the truth and not just “shoot from the hip.” Leaders must understand, and consider with care, the meaning of each word they utter, as well as act as role models to encourage others’ future growth and organisational continuity.

In light of so many buzz words used today, it is important to pause and question some of the common sayings that leaders might use — without considering the implications — when they perform in a leadership capacity.

To be truthful to yourself as a leader, as well as to others who fall under your responsibility, follow these 25 tips to become a better – a true leader.

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How Not to Create Heartless Leaders, Mindless Organisations

How Not to Create Heartless Leaders, Mindless Organisations (2021)

In this book, we outline the reasons why the future workplace demands leaders who are brave for the true sake of ultimate outperformance and excellence. Such leaders empower and support transparency at their core to inform unbiased decision making, outperform the competition, maximise stakeholder value, encourage creativity, design sustainable organisations, demand accountability, and fully engage their talent.

What will drive the efforts of courageous and far-sighted leaders is a combination of transparency in all aspects and levels of the organisation: technology, management practices and policies, leadership, engagement, governance, diversity, and social responsibility. The ensuing positive impact—through the use of technology, analytics, insights, and common sense—will eliminate the space for heartless leaders to thrive and operate mindless organisations.

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The Invisible Talent

The Invisible Talent (2020)

There is so much talent out there to be discovered. In every city, in every organisation, in every community, in every family, and in every person around the world, there is talent. Yet, the headlines, survey data, and many business leaders persistently insist that there is a shortage of talent in developed and developing markets, in small and large organisations, and in numerous industry sectors. 

There is simply no shortage of talent in the world, but there is a huge shortage of talented people who can identify talented individuals. There is a shortage of focused investment on developing technology that can truly facilitate talent discovery. And there is a shortage of authentic leadership desire to discover invisible talent to genuinely maximise returns.

Business leaders, HR professionals, investors, and talented individuals urgently need to resolve the challenge of visibility. Without transparent and innovative practices, the invisible talent will remain invisible, and businesses will remain inefficient for years to come. We need to leverage the invisible talent to take advantage of productivity and efficiency if we want to build more and better performing organisations in the future.

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The Right Career

The Right Career (2020)

Human Resources managers stress the need to find the right employee for the right job in the right location at the right time. But it is imperative that the individual become that right person and take ownership of developing the right career path.

This book focuses on the right career, providing insight into the numerous ways that a person — and the employer — can cooperate to ensure a mutually satisfying and sustainable work experience that supports the company’s goals.

With an exploration of both the employer and employee roles in this endeavour, the book highlights practical steps: betting on the right individual, supporting the HR function’s efforts, ways to remain competitive, and build a durable career through a strong framework. Challenges to creating a career development programme and career mistakes to avoid are also discussed as they are essential topics that can help prevent wasted resources and time.

With insight into the right moves to make and wrong steps to bypass, the book guides employers and employees to the optimal use of talent in today’s highly competitive market.

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25 Essential Career Tips

25 Essential Career Tips (2020)

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The future talent market will increasingly favour not the most-talented in one single area but the most-talented in multiple domains. Keeping up with the career challenges in today's highly competitive environment demands creativity and innovation.

If you want to establish a sustainable career, you need to take ownership of your skills development and desired career path. Professionals who are able to develop the right career strategy will be the ones who grow and remain competitive. The professionals who cannot will mostly fade away as do those who remain captivated by the outdated career development approaches.

The practical tips presented in this ebook will encourage you to aspire to fulfilling roles in which you can contribute with creativity and full engagement.

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The Key Leader

The Key Leader (2019)

The changing nature of leadership is the focus of this book, providing insight into the new traits and characteristics that key leaders need to meet today’s challenges in an increasingly competitive market. The evolution of management roles in all entities – whether profit or nonprofit – demands new skills and talent to promote long-term growth and viability in an uncertain economic environment.

Leadership in this challenging arena demands not only relevant experience, expertise, and knowledge, but also transparency and new perceptions in how leaders relate to the people with whom they interact – peers, colleagues, employees, shareholders, and community members. In conjunction with this requirement is the recognition of the need to hire the right leaders who meet the organisation’s needs, as well as the right talent at all levels who will engage with leaders and support their strategic efforts.

In highlighting the new face of leadership, this book provides practical points for maximising returns through a logical partnership among key stakeholders in any organisation.

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6 Rules of Ultimate Workforce Efficiency

6 Rules of Ultimate Workforce Efficiency (2018)

Getting your employees “on board” with the company’s overall mission and strategic goals is the focus of this book, leading toward optimisation of resources, budgets, and employee talent. Common sense decrees that without employees who are engaged and motivated – and aligned – with the company’s desires and needs, the organisation will not perform to its potential, revenues will falter, and market shares decline.

The challenge that such an alignment entails is ever-present and complex, though the difficulties it represents are not insurmountable. The book highlights practical leadership practices – a number of optimal approaches – that help to point employers in the right direction toward efficiency, productivity, and ultimate value for all stakeholders.

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4 Key Rules of True Employee Engagement

4 Key Rules of True Employee Engagement (2018)

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Employers should have a strong motivation to ensure that their employees have the opportunities to advance along their personal development path. In the end, employee growth can only serve to support the company’s strategic goals – as long as they are compatible.

Engaged employees – aware of their capabilities and wants, possessing creativity, passion, and dedication – are better able to align with a company’s business requirements, leading to outperformance.

With clear and open communication, employees and leadership can achieve mutually satisfying goals.

To help employees become self-aware, at sparkChief we advise our clients to follow four key principles which incorporate specific criteria that serve as a roadmap for the individual and at the same time lead to organisational alignment.

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The Coming Age of Accelerated Learning

The Coming Age of Accelerated Learning (2017)

Many individuals consider their path in life in a haphazard manner, often resulting in deep unhappiness. They attempt various endeavors, failing to realise any satisfactory outcome. In fact, unhappy people become and remain unproductive and inefficient, seldom succeeding in any effort in the long run. With so many dissatisfied, discontent individuals, society at large pays a huge cost, as the family, community, corporations, and nations feel the adverse effects.

This book explains why it is important in both the present and future to begin the journey with discovering yourself. It discusses the importance of accelerated learning and its impact on us as individuals as we navigate through the 21st century. It also provides the framework to get ready for the future, while sums up thoughts for the future.

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