Assessment Options - Pricing

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Option 1
iOS App
  • You can assess your career strategy through the sparkChief IOS App against a range of "four" strategic dimensions. The assessment will provide you with a broad analysis of your current career development strategy.
  • You can download the sparkChief App from the App Store and assess yourself for free.

  • sparkChief Career Assessment App

Option 2
Report Only
CHF 250
  • Once you assess yourself through the sparkChief IOS App we can also analyse your assessment results and prepare a a 20-page comprehensive report that provides a strategic gap analysis of your current thinking, insights as to what the assessment means, and future implications for each of your strategic career development indicators (14 unique criteria in total).
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Option 3
CHF 500
  • 20-page comprehensive report + 2 meetings (one hour each)
  • We prepare your 20-page comprehensive report, discuss your findings through one-on-one sessions, and initiate a process that allows you to validate your understanding of your overall effectiveness (or ineffectiveness).
  • Based on your reflection and validation, we then determine how you can fine-tune your approach to accelerate your career growth.
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  • Career Strategy Assessment
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  • sparkChief Career Assessment App
  • Download the sparkChief IOS App (the mobile app that delivers the Career Strategy Assessment)